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Dumel Discovery zabawka

Toys that support the development of children at every stage of their lives. The rich offer of Dumel Discovery includes toys that teach counting, spelling, recognizing shapes, objects, animals, plants as well as sounds and melodies.

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Jollybaby is a brand of educational material books, created with the youngest in mind. Each of them has different surprises inside, developing the child on many levels.

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Jolly Baby zabawka
Balibazoo zabawka

A cheerful gang, which includes pendants, rattles, bells, blankets and many more. Each of the toys is made of colorful materials that stimulate the baby's sense of sight, and the various textures of the material and tags develop its cognitive skills.

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Remote-controlled vehicles for extreme fun! Individual models differ in appearance and functions, among which we can find: acrobatics, driving on various surfaces, including water, and even the ability to transform.

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Exost zabawka
Giligums zabawka

Silicone teethers, spoons, brushes and rattles, created with passion for the comfort and safety of children. Each of the unique shapes is distinguished by its color and varied texture with practical insets that massage the sore gums of a teething child, bringing them relief.

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Cars, helicopters, construction machinery and bluetooth-controlled vehicles that are not only innovative, but also safe. Silverlit is a completely new dimension of fun.

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Silverlit zabawka
Robo Dumel zabawka

In DumelRobo's range, one can find remotely controlled robots, varying in appearance and functions, including those responding to voice commands, equipped with touch sensors, or capable of performing acrobatics.

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Vehicles for special tasks, which are distinguished by their large size and richness of functions, will delight many automotive enthusiasts! The toys are equipped with moving elements, realistic sounds and lights, which makes them even more similar to full-size vehicles. The patterns differ in shape and color, so that every toddler can find a model for himself.

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Flota Miejska zabawka

The TuliFun brand consists of small toys, which enhance manual dexterity and stimulate the senses of the youngest children. Among them are musical toys, sensory toys, teethers, fabric books, and water toys.

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Dumel Tulifun zabawka
Dumel Discovery Creative zabawka

The brand created with science and DIY enthusiasts in mind. DumelTech offers kits for self-assembly, consoles with wires for testing electronic connections, and advanced structural models.

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DUMICA are timeless sets of trains with infrastructure elements that will ensure great fun for many hours. Create great railroads of your own idea.

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Dumica zabawka

The brand offers toys for creating soap bubbles, which can be used outdoors, including bubble machines, launchers, bubble-making accessories, and refill liquids.

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Dumel Bubbles

6 października, 2023

Oświadczenie ws. produktu Edukacyjna Rybka Dumel Discovery

DUMEL Sp. z o.o. z siedzibą w Warszawie informuje, że wyrób Edukacyjna Rybka DD50365, kod EAN 5904316150365 nie spełnia wymagań określonych w rozporządzeniu Ministra Rozwoju i Finansów z dnia 21 grudnia 2016 r. w sprawie zasadniczych wymagań dotyczących ograniczenia stosowania niektórych niebezpiecznych substancji w sprzęcie elektrycznym i elektronicznym, z uwagi na stwierdzenie obecności w wyrobie ołowiu w ilości przekraczającej dopuszczalną wartość stężenia wagowego, co stanowi zagrożenie dla zdrowia człowieka i środowiska. Ogłoszenie publikuje się w związku z prowadzonym postępowaniem przed Prezesem Urzędu Konkurencji i Konsumentów.

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